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提问时间:2018-10-12 11:19

老师您好! 我的情况是老婆和大女儿有澳洲PR,现在老婆作为赞助人,申请把国内的小儿子办过来。我自己PR过期,人在国内,暂时不办移民。现在在填40CH表,有几个问题想请教:
19题 Does the child have any members of the family unit who are included in this sponsorship? 要不要填我女儿的信息?
28题 Have you received Newstart Allowance, Parenting Payment, Youth Allowance, Widow Allowance or Special Benefit during the last 2 years? 我老婆只拿FAMILY TAX BENEFIT,这个题选YES 还是NO?
63题 Have you or your partner lodged any other sponsorships/nominations or signed an Assurance of Support?